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The Celestial Armada

The Celestial Armada are an ancient, technologically-advanced civilization of enlightened elder beings that nomadically traverse the vast distances of the universe in massive flying Citadel world-ships. They seek out Animus-rich worlds, researching the mysteries of Creation while serving as protectors against cataclysmic threats. Led by timeless, enigmatic beings known as Sovereigns, the Celestial Armada wages a seemingly never-ending war against the Infernal Host.

The core Celestial race is composed of angelic Biosynths – a cosmic species that merged their biological forms with nanotechnology at a cellular level in order to enable their consciousnesses to migrate through generation after generation of replicated bodies. Surrounding them are innumerable technological constructs, collectively known as the Machine Legion, that represent the robotic automation of the Celestial war machine. Where the angelic Biosynths are beautiful to behold, the Machine Legion are cold and terrifying weapons of pure destruction. 

Faction Emblem

Unconventional Warfare

The Celestial Armada play quite differently from traditional real-time strategy factions. Players start with a flying structure called the Arcship, which can travel across the map from the very start of a battle to set up a Cascade Field anywhere. They don’t use workers to build–instead, the Celestial Armada materializes structures down from orbit anywhere they have a Cascade Field. Celestial players are encouraged to spread across the battlefield and take advantage of their unique ability to centralize production, spawning their entire troop output from their designated Prime structure.


Where other factions are more unit-focused and start with limited supply, Celestials are instead more building focused and must keep a watchful eye over the amount of Power they are generating with their Power Banks to support their awe-inspiring structures. An excess of Power provides benefits that empower their army, but insufficient Power will limit their abilities. 

Astral Interventions

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” -Arthur C. Clarke

The Celestial Armada can draw on their Power reserves to manipulate the battlefield with their Astral Intervention top-bar abilities. These include Power Surge, which activates a structure's amplified capabilities at the expense of additional Power drain. Zenith Scan can reveal an area, including any stealthed units, while Evolution Catalyst uplifts lesser beings to instantly clear or respawn Creep camps. The Purify Intervention restores energy to nearby friendly units while draining it from enemies.


The Arcship is the centerpiece of the Celestial Armada, flying over the battlefield and emanating a Cascade Field to deploy structures onto the planet’s surface, enabling strategies where players can expand anywhere on the map–including near the enemy base. This massive sky fortress can also land to serve as a powerful fixed weapon platform, which can be used offensively and defensively. Celestial Armada commanders can upgrade the Arcship into the Arcstation and Arcfortress to unlock additional units and technologies.


Making up the core of the Celestial Armada’s Machine Legion, the Kri are a terrifying sight to behold on the battlefield. They are devastating close-range fighters that slice and dice their foes with four blade-arms. For added mobility, they can research the Roll Out maneuver to tuck into a tumbling form for an increase in movement speed. The first attack when coming out of their ball form is a powerful Geodesic Shockwave spinning attack that hits all nearby enemies. As if that didn’t make them deadly enough, the Kri also have access to a late-game upgrade that gives them the ability to self-destruct when they take fatal damage, becoming invulnerable for a few seconds before exploding to hit nearby ground targets.


The Celestial Armada can deploy an awe-inspiring main battle tank known as the Saber into the fray. This hovering weapons platform features a powerful long-range Dark Matter cannon that fires a Dark Matter Distortion beam that also deals splash damage to adjacent enemies. The normally slow-moving vehicle can engage its Mass Accelerators to temporarily boost its movement speed or it can instead power down to engage its Self-Repair function to restore health over time.


The Animancer’s otherworldly light shines on the battlefield to the dismay of her foes. She can use Animus Redistribution to drain the life and energy from her enemies, restoring the siphoned amount to her nearby allies. The Unseen Veil conceals nearby friendly units and structures and gives them a speed boost to set up crippling sneak attacks. The Animancer’s most dangerous spell–Dark Prophecy–channels a singularity at a location, slowing all units in the area and dealing damage that gains devastating power over time.

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