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When will Stormgate officially launch?

We are in closed testing now and plan to enter Early Access in 2024. During Early Access, anyone with a Steam account can play for free while our developers continue adding new content, new features, and polishing the overall experience. Getting many players in early to provide feedback in a live environment will help us make Stormgate one of the greatest RTS games ever.

What is happening during closed testing?

Closed testing is for gathering feedback, testing game modes, and iteration. We also perform stress tests periodically to ensure proper performance under heavy user loads.

When will I get my invite to the closed playtest?

If you signed up to join the closed beta here on playstormgate.com, you are eligible to participate. Playtesters are randomly selected, and due to the size of response we received, we cannot guarantee that everyone who signs up will be able to participate.

A limited number of closed beta keys can be acquired as a bonus reward for supporting the studio by becoming a Founder on Kickstarter.

What platforms will Stormgate be available on?

Stormgate will be available for closed testing exclusively for Windows PC on Steam, with the possibility of distribution on other platforms in the future.

Will closed testing be available in my region?

Stormgate closed testing will be available in all regions currently served by Steam.

Do you have plans around game data and an API?

We’re envisioning some exciting new ways for players to analyze and leverage their gameplay data, including tools that will be integrated directly within the Stormgate game client. We don’t expect these to be ready until after the launch of Early Access, but we’re already starting the planning process, and we hope to build both free and paid tiers of learning tools.

This will change how much player data we make available externally. We still plan to continue providing the 1v1 leaderboard for external sites to display, and we also still plan to provide data from major esports tournaments for analysis. Longer-term, we also hope to provide machine learning datasets, similar to what was provided during our previous collaboration with DeepMind. We're also excited to see what the community builds from contributing their replays to third-party aggregation sites.

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