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Stormgate® is a free-to-play PC real-time strategy game set hundreds of years in Earth’s future. Take command of the human resistance, the demonic invaders, or other factions yet to be revealed–solo or cooperatively.
Build your base, harvest resources, and lead mighty armies in battle to emerge victorious.

Stormgate mech units in two team colors, demonstrating Frost Giant Studios' vision for co-op gameplay.
The First Truly Social RTS

Customize your army in the three-player co-op vs. AI mode or tackle cooperative campaign missions with a friend.

Early mockup of digital trophy for Stormgate esports.
Next-Generation Esports

Play 1v1 ladder games with matchmaking or squad up for team-based 3v3. Compete in grassroots tournaments and embark on your personal path to progress.

Human archaeologist discovering an ancient shield relic from the Stormgate announcement trailer.
Ever-Expanding Universe

Additional chapters in Stormgate’s ongoing sci-fi and fantasy campaign will be released regularly alongside new units, maps, game modes, and more.

Infinite Possibilities

Stormgate’s in-game editor is a powerful tool for user-generated content (UGC) creators to build maps, game modes, and more in Unreal Engine 5.
Check out this interview where MrLlama explores Frost Giant’s plans for the Stormgate Editor with Lead UX Designer Ryan Schutter.
Concept art of Battle Thrall from the Stormgate Infernal faction.


When will Stormgate officially launch?
We’re focused on making a great game first and will wait until we are further into development to share a release date. Closed testing for Stormgate will begin in July 2023.
What will happen during closed testing?
Closed testing is for gathering feedback and improving the game through iteration and testing gameplay modes. We also plan to perform stress tests to ensure proper performance under heavy user loads.
We will start closed testing in July with a small pre-alpha test–the first of multiple external testing phases. Closed beta will be the longest closed testing phase and will extend into 2024.
The earliest phases of closed testing will be focused on core functionality and 1v1 gameplay. We will gradually introduce new content and modes over time, including cooperative play.
When will I get my invite to the closed playtest?
Invites to a small initial group of external playtesters will be sent in July 2023. If you signed up to join the closed beta here on, you are eligible to participate in these early playtests. Additional playtesters will be added in waves over many months, with the largest number of beta sign-ups participating in 2024.
Due to the size of the response we received, we can not guarantee that everyone who signed up will be invited to closed testing.
What platforms will Stormgate be available on?
Stormgate will be available for closed testing exclusively for Windows PC on Steam, with the possibility of distribution on other platforms in the future.
Will closed testing be available in my region?
Stormgate closed testing will be available in all regions currently served by Steam.
Who is building Stormgate?
Stormgate is being developed by Frost Giant Studios. Members of our development team have been privileged to help create some of the most acclaimed and best-selling PC games of all time–including Blizzard Entertainment’s WarCraft® III and StarCraft® II. Now, it’s our turn to carry forward the legacy of epic storytelling, innovative co-op gameplay, and celebrated esports that make RTS great.