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The future of RTS is coming August 13

Made for PC ⋅ Campaign ⋅ 1v1 ⋅ 3P Co-Op ⋅ Editor ⋅ Free to play

Support the developers: pre-purchase to get in on July 30

Ever-Expanding Universe

Additional chapters in Stormgate’s ongoing sci-fi and fantasy campaign will be released regularly alongside new units, maps, game modes, and more.

The First Truly Social RTS

Team up with two other allies in the 3-player cooperative mode against AI, or tackle campaign missions with a friend.

Next-Generation Competition

Compete on the traditional 1v1 ladder or as part of your 3P team. We aim to make it easier and more fun to compete whether your goal is to test yourself in grassroots events or qualify for world-class esports tournaments.

Discover the Factions

Stormgate features three powerful factions fighting for control of the Earth, but are they alone in the universe?

Brought to you by Frost Giant Studios

Built by RTS Veterans

Stormgate is developed by Frost Giant, a fully-independent studio founded by industry veterans Tim Morten (production director on StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void) and Tim Campbell (lead campaign designer, Warcraft III). They are joined by more than 50 talented developers, all united by their passion for RTS.

Shape the Future

Stormgate is being made by a team of experienced RTS developers with the support of the RTS community. Join the team as a Founder to take part in regular discussions, provide critical feedback, and play a vital role in shaping the future of RTS.

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Asmongold - So I Tried Stormgate...

Asmongold plays Stormgate, a New RTS made by StarCraft 2 devs

Asmongold on YouTube

Stormgate Is a Very StarCraft-y RTS Made By Ex-StarCraft Developers

"I've gotten up-close and personal with its second major faction: The Infernal Host. These are the bad boys of the upcoming RTS, and if you were a Zerg main in StarCraft, I think they'll make you feel right at home."

Leana Hafer

There's Already A New Starcraft RTS And It's Called Stormgate

"...for fans of the RTS genre of video games, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel"

Screen Rant

Stormgate Closed Alpha Gameplay Update - MaNa experience

I believe that Stormgate is in the right hands to make the next great RTS.

MaNa on YouTube

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