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The Human Vanguard

The Vanguard was formed to serve as humanity’s last bastion of defense with Earth on the brink of extinction. Representing the greatest scientific minds, toughest soldiers, and most brilliant strategists from around the world, the Vanguard stands resolute against the invading Infernal Host.

Elite Vanguard units are split into ‘Dagger teams' composed of its most veteran units. These soldiers tend to use colorful callsigns on the battlefield for ease of communications.

Faction Emblem


With the human population endangered, the Vanguard are protectors by necessity. Keeping your units alive will give them an opportunity to earn experience and level up, gaining increased health to further improve their odds of survival.


Humans have mastered the ability to quickly mass-produce anything they need, given sufficient resources. Vanguard B.O.B. worker units can multi-build, working together to increase their production speed.


Humanity's greatest strength is its ability to adapt to survive. Vanguard units can often deploy or convert into an alternative mode, becoming the right tool for the job. The Sentry Post is a prime example, able to transform into five different forms based on the unit manning it from within.

Featured Units


These happy little robot worker bots are the most critical component of any successful Vanguard force. B.O.B.s harvest resources, build structures, repair mechanical units, and can even muster a solid defense in a pinch. Summoned at the Command Post, aka Vanguard HQ.


These friendly robot dogs can identify the presence of enemies concealed by the fog of war. Built from the Barracks, their On the Hunt ability extends their vision range, making them ideal for scouting, while their slowing claws also make them super effective anti-ground harassers.


This versatile rifleman is recruited from the Barracks and can target enemy ground and air forces. Researching the Double Time ability at the Biokinetics Lab increases the Exo’s movement speed and grants them the ability to fire two shots in quick succession if they haven’t attacked in the last 5 seconds.


The Vulcan mech is a battle-tested solution to any demonic invasion. Built from the Mech Bay, the Vulcan mows down massed enemy units by spinning up its gatling gun to create a hail of piercing gunfire. Researching the Jump Jets ability allows the Vulcan to then quickly reposition, or even smash through any trees or rocks in its path.

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