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The Infernal Host

The Infernal Host is a warrior race of star-spanning marauders who descend upon planets like a locust swarm. They travel from world to world by conjuring portals that deliver their invading force across the galaxy on their never-ending quest for greater power.

They mine resources from the worlds they raid, drain Animus as needed for their dark magic, and subjugate entire civilizations, permanently changing the planets they’ve conquered in their image. Though brutal and savage, the Host is bound by a strict code of conduct, valuing victory, strength, and loyalty above all else.

Faction Emblem


The Infernal Host uses its dark magic to harvest the “souls” of the fallen. They call this life energy Animus. Animus is converted into Shroud–a dark, swirling magical fog that empowers its units on the battlefield. Shroud is generated by Shroudstones and Infernal Shrines. By absorbing Shroud, Infernal units gain a temporary health shield and become harder to kill. 


Magic is at the heart of Infernal power, and Rituals are how the Host brings that magic to bear against its enemies. Some rituals will help spread the Shroud even further, while others will summon the awe-inspiring power of the apex Infernal units, such as the Flayed Dragon.


Infernal units aren’t “created” at production structures–instead they are summoned from their homeworld at these structures using magic. This is reflected by expending spawn charges at these buildings–often several at a time. Each charge teleports in an Infernal unit near-instantaneously. The summoning ritual on that structure becomes available again after a brief cooldown. 

Featured Units


The lowliest Infernal servants, Imps sacrifice themselves to summon Infernal structures to the battlefield. After researching the Imp-losion ability at the Ritual Chamber, selfless Imps can detonate themselves to damage all nearby enemies in the process. Boom. They're summoned at the Shrine, aka Infernal HQ.


Described by Rock Paper Shotgun as “a gross ogre that splits itself down the middle like a reverse-Alien surprise,” the two-headed Brute exemplifies the Infernal Host’s commitment to victory at any cost. The Sunder Soul ability sacrifices the Brute to spawn two Fiends, fast-moving ground attackers that can quickly overtake and overwhelm an enemy force when massed.


The troll-like Gaunt is a savage ranged attacker who specializes in flinging axes with deadly precision, ricocheting each blade between nearby targets. The axes deal greater damage with each target (up to two bounces). The Death Axe upgrade, researched at the Ritual Chamber, makes it so that a Gaunt can sacrifice some health to Infect enemies with its attack. Killing an Infected enemy will raise it from the dead as a Fiend.

Flayed Dragon

The Flayed Dragon is death in winged form. Battle-crazed from the agony of the Host's flaying process, Flayed Dragons instill terror in all they face. They spread plague wherever they go and leave naught but death and devastation in their wake.

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