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November Update

Welcome to the biggest Stormgate update ever! Here's what's on the menu. 

  • LIVE NOW: An in-depth feature on the making of the Infernal Host at IGN
  • Closed Beta kicks off December 5
  • The Stormgate Kickstarter, also coming December 5
  • A new Stormgate trailer at The Game Awards December 7
  • Interview with Engineering Director Andrew Sabri on Digital Foundry
  • Stormgate's first-ever live showmatches at DreamHack Atlanta


IGN's resident strategy expert Leana Hafer went behind the scenes with the Frost Giant Studios development team to take part in internal playtests and chronicle how the Infernal Host faction is being made. Check out all-new hands-on gameplay video and an inside look at never-before-seen units like the Weaver and the terrifying Flayed Dragon!

This is the most in-depth hands-on gameplay reveal for Stormgate yet and you won't want to miss it! 


It's time for Stormgate to make the leap from closed alpha to closed beta

Many of you have already received your invites as we've doubled the number of playtesters again this round after doubling them in our previous closed alpha phase. If you didn't get an invite, don't worry!

We will have other opportunities for you to get into Stormgate coming up, including but not limited to guaranteed beta access as a bonus reward for supporting our Kickstarter campaign. More on that below!


Closed beta marks the first-ever external playtest of our 3P co-op versus AI mode (aka 3vE). Playtesters will get their hands on our first co-op hero, code-named "Blockade"--he's a badass sci-fi Paladin wielding a powerful hammer. 

Blockade's diverse toolkit allows him to leap into combat, perform a devastating spin-to-win attack, heal nearby allies, and even teleport wherever he's needed to save the day.  Play him as damage-dealer, frontline tank, or clutch healer--it's up to you.

Our first co-op map "Wreck Havoc"  is a mission to stop convoys before reaching the enemy base. Fail in your mission and those convoys will power up the bad guys' cannon--the Ion Bolt. Terrible, terrible damage will ensue.

Closed beta also includes a new ladder map, as well as a competitive ranking system and replay tool to keep games organized. 

We've overhauled our Sentry Turret and turned it into the Sentry Post. It transforms into five different modes, each with a unique function based on the unit manning it from within! 

Don't miss the IGN feature above for all the latest on the newest Infernal units making their debut in closed beta, as well as faction-defining Infernal mechanics.


On December 5, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign! 

"But Frost Giant... why are you doing a Kickstarter? Aren't you fully funded?" 

That's right, hypothetical newsletter subscriber. We already have the funding we need to release Stormgate. This Kickstarter campaign will enable us to offer our players some highly-requested “extras” that we want to turn into reality. 

  1. Supporters can receive digital Founder’s Packs that include campaign content, playable Heroes, and exclusive rewards such as beta access in 2024 and more!
  2. You can also score a limited-edition physical Stormgate Collector’s Edition that includes a gorgeous Vanguard Vulcan mech statue

While we are exploring other opportunities for players to check out Stormgate for free ahead of our launch, Kickstarter is a great way to support our team while also guaranteeing that you'll get in. We have a limited number of beta keys for backers, so don't miss out: sign up to be notified as soon as the Stormgate Kickstarter campaign launches by clicking here


This may be our biggest moment since announcing Stormgate at Summer Game Fest last year.  . . we're excited to share that a new Stormgate trailer will be presented on stage at The Game Awards on December 7. 


We have no way of knowing where we'll be in the show (immediately following Grand Theft Auto VI, maybe?), but what we do know is that we'll be sharing some of the first footage of our 3P co-op mode as well as some new 100% in-engine cinematics.


Please tune in and show your support for the future of RTS!


Frost Giant Studios' engineering director Andrew Sabri recently sat down with the tech gurus at Digital Foundry to geek out over Stormgate and SnowPlay--the powerful technology that powers its unmatched responsiveness, rollback, and more. Tune in to Digital Foundry's YouTube channel on Sunday, December 10 at 3 p.m. UK time to watch.  


Last, but definitely not least, get ready to watch more Stormgate gameplay. 

If you're attending DreamHack Atlanta on December 17 (or watching online), you'll be witness to history in the making--the first-ever live Stormgate showmatches! 

Some of our most skilled closed alpha testers will be duking it out on the big stage--visit the DreamHack Atlanta site in the days ahead for more details.

Closed beta is just around the corner, which is a testament to our incredible playtester community. It's only with their support, insight, and dedication that we've been able to make so much progress in so little time. We were still in the prototype stage just a couple of years ago and we've come this far...and we're just getting started. The future of RTS is bright and the best is yet to come.

On behalf of the Frost Giant team, thank you for supporting Stormgate. We wouldn't have gotten here without your help. See you in December!

-Your friends on the Frost Giant Team 

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