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Frost Giant is on a mission to redefine the PC real-time strategy (RTS) landscape with our upcoming game, Stormgate. RTS is more than a genre to us – it’s our passion, our commitment to a vibrant, underserved community of millions. 


  • Millions of strategy gamers have been longing for the next great RTS. Frost Giant has captured their excitement, and is working to expand the top of our funnel with free-to-play monetization and sticky social modes.
  • Stormgate was the most funded RTS game of all time on Kickstarter ($2.38M), & drew big interest from players with more than 500K Steam Wishlists. Previously raised $34.7M from investors including Riot Games, BITKRAFT, & Kakao Games.
  • Veteran team with AAA track record from Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Electronic Arts, and more. Notably, RTS games the team has previously worked on collectively generated $1B+ in revenue.

Please note:

The equity Frost Giant is intending to offer through StartEngine is aimed towards investors, but also open to the community. It's important to understand that owning stock is not the same as profit sharing. When companies are at an early stage, their stock has limited liquidity. The stock shares purchased through the intended StartEngine Regulation Crowdfunding offering has limited liquidity and certain regulatory restrictions. For those unfamiliar with stock trading, please consult StartEngine's website and the Risk Factors section of the future offering memorandum or your professional investment advisor prior to making any investments.

Read more about our release plans and how we aim to fund ongoing development in our Business FAQ.

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