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Stormgate Coming to Steam Next Fest Feb 5 - 12

We have super exciting news to share as we gear up for a major moment in the Stormgate journey. Stormgate will be part of Steam Next Fest! 

Steam Next Fest takes place February 5–12, during which we will be opening up access to our closed beta, including full access to our ranked 1v1 and 3P co-op vs. AI modes. This marks the first time we have opened the gates to the public, offering everyone an opportunity to get their hands on the RTS we’re building with the support of our incredible community.

Kickstarter Backers Get In Early

To our incredible Kickstarter Founders, as thanks for your support, those of you who pledged to receive a Deluxe Founder’s Pack and above will get in ahead of the pack with a few days early. This is your chance to jumpstart your experience in Stormgate before the public gets in. You will also continue to have access after Steam Next Fest for the duration of the closed February beta, and during all future testing phases, including the first opportunity to playtest our third faction (later this year).

Not a Founder yet? You still have time to support the Stormgate Kickstarter. We’d love to have you with us throughout this exciting year!

EGC Stormgate Open 2024: The Competition Begins

We are excited to share that the EGC Stormgate Open will be your first opportunity to take a shot at the $10,000 prize pool playing Stormgate! 

While Stormgate is still relatively early in development, we're grateful to EGC for partnering with us on this Closed Beta tournament. Details to be announced soon. Mark your calendars for Steam Next Fest and be there when the battle begins!

Closing Thoughts

We are so grateful to you for supporting our studio – your enthusiasm and feedback are the lifeblood of Stormgate. This is going to be our biggest moment yet and we couldn’t be happier than to have you with us on this epic journey as we shape the future of Stormgate.

See you on the battlefield!

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