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Stormgate Kickstarter Late Pledges Available Now

We know lots of you have been waiting for this. If you missed out on our Kickstarter, late pledges are now available for a limited time, giving you another chance to jump into the action. Please note this will be for new pledges only, not upgrades to existing pledges.

We have three options available that include access to our current beta testing phase, codenamed “Elephant”:

  • Deluxe Founder's Pack ($40): This pack includes a Hero for each of our three initial factions, Chapter 1 of our Vanguard campaign content, and Army accent cosmetic, a Founder’s Discord role, plus a Chicken pet. 
  • Ultimate Founder's Pack ($60): Our most popular bundle, this includes everything in the Deluxe Founder’s Pack plus Chapters 2 and 3 of the Vanguard Campaign (shareable with friends–for free), and an additional “Hellfire” Fog of War skin.
  • Collector's Edition Box ($200): This offer includes everything from the Ultimate Founder's Pack PLUS the fully-painted Vulcan mech statue, a three-piece Enamel pin set, and a Challenge coin.

Just to be clear, all of these pledge options include access to all current and future beta tests. We aim to deliver Steam closed beta keys as soon as possible to late pledge backers, within approximately 1-2 business days. The current closed beta testing phase ends March 11, 2024. Once a player receives beta access with a late pledge, they will also receive full access to all future beta tests. 

We're operating the late pledge system through a third-party provider, Indiegogo. (We will be using GameFound for pledge fulfillment as well, those details later.) We want to express our sincere thanks for your patience and unwavering support as our team is working hard to make these late pledges a reality. 

Your enthusiasm and feedback have been instrumental in this journey, and we're incredibly grateful for the vibrant community that's growing around Stormgate. 

For the latest updates and to connect directly with other Stormgate players and our team, don’t forget to join our Discord at discord.gg/stormgate. We hope to see you there!

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