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The Celestial Armada is Coming

Once a tightly guarded secret known only to our closed beta testers, the Celestial Armada has finally been seen by PC gamers around the world after their PC Gaming Show debut! 

The Celestials are a race of highly technologically advanced interstellar travelers who have come to Earth to challenge the demonic Infernal Host for control over our planet–with humanity caught in the middle. 

When commanding the Celestial Armada, you’ll lead a cosmic race of near-immortal angelic warriors armed with technology so advanced it’s indistinguishable from magic. Celestials revere and cherish Animus, believing that it holds the key to unraveling Creation's greatest mysteries. 

For more on the Celestials, which some playtesters have called the most original RTS faction they’ve ever played, visit the Celestials faction page here on the official Stormgate website!

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